About Our Company

We strive for perfection.
Who We Are

G4 Natural Resources is part of an international conglomerate, G4 Holdings Worldwide, founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, which houses entities such as G4 Natural Resources and Gravity4. With Gurbaksh’s leadership at the helm, G4 Natural Resources is focused on solving the energy challenges of our society, by utilizing cutting edge technology and platform solutions.

G4 Natural Resources has a wide customer base that includes the industrial, automotive, construction, steel, power generation, with both thermal & metallurgical coal needs. We also work with the governments and the investment community to bring unrivaled expertise across the full spectrum of natural resource sectors. We use in-depth insights, and employ rigorous analysis using technological advancements, to provide actionable suggestions to support our clients achieve their targeted supply & demand-side goals. Over the past few years, G4 Natural Resources team has built a great reputation with its exceptional diverse client base by always delivering focused results and tackling major strategic issues in the energy sector.

Our expertise in the field enables us to provide sustainable energy solutions at affordable prices. Our team is seasoned experts in the field operations, engineering, production, and business management across the Americas and various parts of the globe.

Our Mission

We firmly believe it is through collaboration between the private and public sectors, we can achieve production of sustainable, clean & affordable energy.

Our global operations emphasize the use of cutting edge technology resources to ensure safety, sustainability and affordability of the natural resources. We have built a stellar reputation for helping governments and private sectors implement innovative strategies to natural resources, while discovering new growth opportunities to deliver sustainable energy performance improvements.