Our Vision

We Supply Natural Resources to Industrial Customers Across the Globe
Global Innovation

In Emerging Markets

We’ve quickly become one of the world’s leading diversified and vertically-integrated commodity producers, processors and traders.

G4 Natural Resources, is a subsidiary of G4 Holdings Worldwide. However, it operates independently with its own management team, that has experience in doing multi-billion dollars in trade and over 40 years of combined energy trading and energy production experience.

Strategic Partnerships

Solving Complex Problems through Automation

G4 Holdings Worldwide was founded in 2014, backed by Gurbaksh Chahal, and has quickly been considered one of the most reliable Natural Commodity Suppliers across the globe.

We market and distribute to a wide customer base that includes the industrial, automotive, construction, steel, power generation, with both thermal & metallurgical coal needs. Over the past few years, G4 Natural Resources has built a great reputation with its exceptional diverse client base by always delivering results.

In 2017, we look forward in introducing a fully automated platform for our buyers.